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Solar Charging Scheme for Electrical Vehicle (EV) Based on Hybrid Energy Storage System with Super Capacitor


Megha Vyas , College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur


Battery, DC-DC Converter, DC Motor, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Solar PV Panel, Super Capacitor


This paper proposes a design for renewable-energy hybrid electric vehicles that is fed by a photovoltaic (PV) source with a super capacitor (SC) storage device. In recent years, the electrical vehicles have become the focus of research for environment friendly characteristics. As the core technology of the super capacitor influences the development of the EVs. A super capacitor fast charging scheme for electrical vehicle is proposed. It uses solar electric vehicle system which is a combination of battery and super capacitor. The super capacitor bank can be used to storage the energy generated by the photovoltaic EV system. Super capacitor energy storage also allows for fault ride through and the minimization of the power fluctuation. Longer life time in terms of charge cycle is provided by super capacitor and low energy density and high cost and overcome by lead acid battery, but it requires an accurate charge profile in order to increase the lifetime of a battery. The super capacitor guarantees a longer lifetime in terms of large range of operating temperatures combining the two storages is possible to obtain good compromise in terms of energy density. In this paper, an optimization based control strategy is proposed electric vehicle to improve the energy efficiency as well as battery life. A system model will added between the solar panel and super capacitor to improve the system dynamic performance. The high replacement cost of depleted battery banks is an important cost related issue with the energy storage system. One possibility of reducing the power overloading on batteries and the fuel cells is to use super capacitors as load-leveling devices. The fast acting super capacitors relieve fast changes in the battery storage system. The batteries are responsible for meeting the energy requirements and the super capacitors are responsible for meeting the instantaneous power demand. This paper presents software and hardware development of controller for solar powered electric vehicle system using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :RMSCRP029
Publication Date: 05/04/2017
Page(s): 123-128
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