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No. Title and Author Area Country Page
1 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Drainage Waste Removal Equipment
-Mahesh Shiraskar ; Kiran Wayal; Snehal Shinde; Tammana Patil; Pooja Sargar
Mechanical Engineering India 1-3
2 Identification of Structural Changes in Protocols to Evaluate Bandwidth Utilization
-K. Vani ; Maitraye. M
Computer Engineering India 4-14
3 Impact of Urbanization and Industrialization on Agricultural Land in HosurTaluk using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique
-Gowthaman M. S ; Devika K; Rajalakshmi S
Civil Engineering India 15-22
4 Experimental Investigations on the Performance of Eco- Friendly Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
-Ashish S. Raut ; Dr. U. S. Wankhede
Mechanical Engineering India 23-27
5 Review on: Urban Air Pollution and Its Health Impacts
-Anoop Kumar Verma ; Deepesh Singh
Civil Engineering India 28-32
6 Review Paper on Automatic Car Washing System
-Prof. Sagar S. Khatavkar ; Mr. Ashish Sawant; Mr. Pravesh Gupta; Mr. Balaji Shinde; Miss Sonali Gaonkar
Automobile Engineering India 33-35
7 Algorithm for Mining High Utility Itemsets
-Trupti T Mudkanna ; Suhas B Bhagate
Computer Science And Engineering India 36-40
8 Design and Development of 3D Printer
-Mr. Wagh Saurabh Rajaram ; Prof. Kulkarni Sachin C.; Mr. Wagh Saurabh R.; Mr. Masalge Shivkumar M.; Mr. Gajbhiye Shubham K.
Mechanical Engineering India 41-44
9 A Review on Secure Helmet Wearing Detection by using Image Processing and Machine Learning
-Jadhav Aparna Subhash ; Gaikwad Pragati Rajesh; Jadhav Komal Dnyandeo; Prof. Ekatpure J. N.
Computer Engineering India 45-46
10 Design and Analysis of Low Power High Speed Carry Select Adder using GDI Technique
-Manisha Singh ; Nishant Tripathi
Electronics & Communication Engineering India 47-49
11 Water Regulation System for Automatic Car Wash – A Review
-Prof. Sagar Khatavkar ; Mr. Dhiral Prajapat; Mr. Anandkar Nishad; Mr. Manish Rane; Mr. Akash Gaikwad
Automobile Engineering India 50-52
12 Seismic Behavior of Framed Structures with Different Soil Conditions and Different Seismic Zones
-Vinamra Bhushan Sharma ; Y. K. Bajpai; Satyendra Dubey; Gourav Sachdeva
Structural Engineering India 53-59
13 Influence of Al2o3 Additive on the Performance of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Jatropha Oil and Diesel Fuel
-V. Vinoth Kannan ; N. Magesh
Mechanical Engineering India 60-64
14 Islanding Detection of DG and Improvement of Stability by using Inverter Control Scheme
-Y. Pavani ; B. Ramesh
Electrical & Electronics Engineering India 65-76
15 Using Arima Model to Forecast Sales of an Automobile Company
-Nirbhay Pherwani ; Vyjayanthi Kamath
Computer Science India 77-82
16 A Review on Low Power Carry Select Adder
-Manisha Singh ; Nishant Tripathi
Electronics & Communication Engineering India 83-86
17 Design Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger in Automotive Engine
-N. Anantharaman ; R. Shankar; R. Suriyamurthy; V. Vijayakumar
Mechanical Engineering India 87-91
18 Predicting the Machining Performance of in-situ of Aluminium and Silicon Carbide Composite Using Wire EDM Technique
-N. Magesh ; R. Arun
Mechanical Engineering India 92-95
19 A Review Paper on Alternate Energy Sources for Operating Hydro Pump
-Mandar Jagtap ; Mr. Khan Amir ; Mr. Kokare Aniket; Mr. Bobade Ganesh; Mr. Khandelot Abhiraj
Mechanical Engineering India 96-98
20 Finite Element Analysis of Welding Induced Residual Stresses for Duplex Stainless Steel Weld Joint using Contour Method
-V. Vijayakumar ; H. Agilan
Mechanical Engineering India 99-102
21 Review Paper on Solar Powered & Arduino Controlled AGRIBOT
-Prof. Mandar Jagtap ; Mr. Akshay Shinde; Mr. Soham Tirodkar; Mr. Akshay Patil; Mr. Akshay Tambe
Mechanical Engineering India 103-105
22 Design Optimization of Dynamic Vibration Absorber for Boring Process
-R. Shankar ; V. Brahadeeshwaran
Mechanical Engineering India 106-110
23 Influence of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Dissimilar AA6061 and AA7075 Alloy Joints
-M. Melwin Jagadeesh Sridhar ; B. Adhichelvan
Manufacturing Engineering India 111-116
24 UPFC Based Wind Systems for Improvement of Power Flow in Transmission Line
-Karri Ramarao ; V. Ramesh
Electrical & Electronics Engineering India 117-125
25 Assessment of Factor Influencing Surface Roughness and Tool Wear on the Machining of Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade 304
-B. Adhichelvan
Mechanical Engineering India 126-129
26 Investigation and Optimization of Process Parameters of Centrifugal Barrel Machine
-Deep S. Shukla ; Vipul V. Jambukiya; Vishal A. Kanjariya; Anil N. Rathour
Mechanical Engineering India 130-133
27 Influence of Machining Parameters on the Response for Al/SiCp Composite
-R. Suriyamurthy
Mechanical Engineering India 134-137
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