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Publication for Volume-5 Issue-1, July 2018 is in-process ...

No. Title and Author Area Country Page
1 Study on Effect of Microbial Consortium on Aerobic Composting of Sugar Pressmud
-Mohasina Farooqui ; Amar Byakodi
Environment Engineering India 1-3
2 A Smart Reder for Blind People
-Vaibhav V Govekar ; Prof. Meenakshi A
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering India 4-7
3 Analysis of Investment Casting Components to Improve Casting Practice by Various Computational Techniques to Reduce the Causes of Defects
-Prof. Amisha Y. Pathak ; Dhaval S. Unadkat; Krutarth M. Patel; Akash Patel; Dhairya Vaishnav
Mechanical Engineering India 8-15
4 Analysis of I.C. Engine Fins for Effective Cooling Performance
-Ruchir Parikh ; Dr. Umang Patdiwala; Akash Vyas
Mechanical Engineering India 16-21
5 Alternate and Low Cost Construction Material and Techniques
-Mittal Mohite ; Satish. S. Desmukh
Civil Engineering India 22-27
6 Applications of Graph Theory in Network Analysis
-Dr. S. Velammal ; M. Arun Muthu Ram
Electronics & Communication Engineering India 28-31
7 Low Power High Performance Multipliers using MTCMOS Technique
-Parul Gupta
Electronics Engineering India 32-35
8 Wear Behaviour of Brake Pad Material using Organic Based Composite Materials
-N. S. Devoor ; Prasad Sagar; Dr. D. Ramesh
Automobile Engineering India 36-41
9 "Bio-Medical Waste Management” A Case Study at Bidar City Hospital’s
-Prof. Puneeth Kumar ; Dr. Ashok H Biradar; Dr. B B Kori; Amreeta Pawar
Civil Engineering India 42-46
10 An Experimental Investigation of Light Weight Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate as LECA
-Shivashankar B C ; Chetan
Civil Engineering India 47-53
11 Application of Nanofiltration for the Rejection of Chromium Ions From Synthetic Wastewater
-Rupali R. Butale ; Dr. S. M. Chavan; Dr. J. G. Gujar; Asst. Prof. D. S. Patil
Chemical Engineering India 54-59
12 Use of Recycled Aggregate in the Construction of Low Strength Rural Rigid Pavements
-Baswakumar Biradar
Civil Engineering India 60-63
13 Self-Regulated Moisture Sensitive Irrigation System
-Rajas Bakshi ; Monika Gadage
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering India 64-67
14 Blue Brain: The Virtual Brain Technology
-Naseema Shaik ; Mubeena Shaik; Suzan Hussain Saeed Alqahtani; Alghaseb Nouf Ali A; Nouha Abdulhamid Hejazi
Computer Science India 68-71
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