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Smart Sensor Technology and Measurement System


Chandraveer Kunwar Ranawat , Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur; Mr. Uday Kumar, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur; Mrs. Monika Varida, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur


Smart Sensors, Occupancy Assessment, Signal Processing, Monolithic Chip Etc


This paper revels the introduction and information regarding smart sensors and their measuring devices. This are used for sensing comfort, air quality, occupancy assessment like air temperature, air velocity, humidity, CO2, odors, sound motion etc. sensors like Traditional Integrated Sensors used to sense element and further signal conditioning and processing which leads to microprocessor. Smart sensor possesses several functional layers: signal detection from discrete sensing elements, signal processing, data validation and interpretation and signal transmission along with display. A smart sensor system will require energy to support and operate all components. If the sensor element and communication both have low power designs and are compatible, the total energy for system is correspondingly low. Monolithic integrated chip is low powered BiCMOS signal processor chip can amplify, filter and time – division which multiplex the signals that are transmitted via an RF link contained within packages to an external radio receiver. In the last decade few industries have been impacted by rapid advancement in technology. 88% smart sensors are used in personal computers and laptops, 79% in smartphones, 47% in tablets, 35% in games and smart televisions, 14%in smart home appliances, 11% in smart watch, 10% in smart wristbands and 2% in remaining devices. The presented partial implementation of the system measures the temperature at several locations in the soil profile in field conditions and communicates with the host PC computer in wireless way. The developed hardware and software is intended to be adapted to more complex monitoring systems working in compliance with IEEE 1451 smart transducer interface standard and covering large areas as an element of air-borne or satellite remote sensing and serve for ground reference measurements.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :RMSCRP018
Publication Date: 05/04/2017
Page(s): 65-69
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