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Renewable Energy from Microalgae: Third Generation Biofuel with Integrated Approach


Er. Neelam Rathore , CTAE, Udaipur ; Er. Kirtika Sharma, CTAE, Udaipur ; Er. Surbhi Mishra, GITS,Udaipur


Renewable Energy from Microalgae, Biodiesel From Algae, Biofuel


Continuous depletion of petroleum based fossil fuels and their negative impact on environment in terms of CO2 accumulation have led to development of alternative, renewable and carbon neutral biofuels. Biodiesel has attracted intensive attention as an important biofuel. Biodiesel from microalgae appear to be the most promising renewable biofuel that can potentially completely substitute petroleum based fossil fuels. Microalgae are one of the most efficient photosynthetic plants on the earth with lipid-rich composition and rapid rate of reproduction. In comparison to other energy crops like soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, Jatropha, neem etc. Several species of algae have many advantages like higher per acre productivity, higher oil content and can grow in non-productive and non-arable lands. However, several other biofuels can be produced from microalgae which include methane produced by anaerobic digestion of the algal biomass, photobiologically produced biohydrogen and carbon-neutral electricity by burning of algal coal (dried algal biomass) with fossil coals in conventional power plants. Different factors like the light of proper intensity and wavelength, CO2 concentration, temperature, nutrient composition, salinities and mixing conditions, the choice of cultivation systems, photo bioreactors etc. influence the efficiency of microalgae biomass production that need to be studied for making the microalgae biodiesel economical and sustainable. Huge efforts are being made to address these issues in developed countries. India in spite of being one of the major producers of algae is yet to start such type of research and development activities on algal biofuel. This paper reviews the potential of microalgae to produce a variety of biofuel including biodiesel and biogas with integrated approach for energy, environment and agriculture.

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Manuscript Id :RMSCRP011
Publication Date: 05/04/2017
Page(s): 33-36
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