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Implementations towards Developing a Sustainable Campus and Smart City


Bharath V , Sapthagiri college of engineering; Arjun S, Sapthagiri college of engineering; Deshpande R G, Sapthagiri college of engineering


Implementations, Smart city, Sustainable Campus


Many industries are bringing out innovative changes to tackle the issues related to environment pollution. Foundry industries contribute significantly towards pollution due to the harmful emissions. Major implementations are on to protect our environment. Surprisingly a big university or an institution with a large campus is being considered as a major contributor towards environment pollution at par with a foundry industry. In this regard, an extensive study has been carried out in an institution and useful implementations are carefully planned and suggested in this work. Apart from important guidelines, design and fabrication of four systems have been detailed here towards developing a sustainable campus. One of the largely consumed non-recyclable materials is plastic being used as containers. One of the simple designs suggested in the study brings out the benefits of ecofriendly clay bottles. The proposed design of clay bottles can replace the plastic bottles at affordable price retaining freshness of water for longer period. These are available in varying capacities; with net weight along with the content can be reduced by certain modifications incorporated in design and fabrication process. Another attempt aims to replace plastic body of a pen by newspaper, with the help of a paper pen making machine designed and fabricated. This machine holds a refill between two supporting centers and newspaper is fed and wound on the body of refill at controlled rates by feeders. After ensuring a sufficient gripping surface of the paper is cut and with the help of an adhesive paper end is sealed on the refill. Since pens are used in huge numbers across the campus paper pens can be made available to all at low cost and eliminate the need of plastic body and disposal leading to pollution. The third initiative is developing a napkin and tissue incinerator developed to destroy used tissue papers, napkins and medicated wastes. This wall mounted portable device installed in rest rooms in academic, hostel and other facilities can ensure a safe disposal of napkins and tissue papers with minimum amount of ash produced that can be flushed away. The incinerator has a container with heating coils, covered by glass wool as an insulator develops and retains the required amount of heat for quick burning of the contents. It has two chambers, a pre-heating and burning chamber designed to develop right temperatures to minimize the amount of emissions. The fourth system of interest is locating a smokeless leaf burner installed at the central facility which can burn huge quantities of dry leaves collected in a university campus. The furnace constructed from bricks incorporates two systems, one to dry the leaves and tree discharges and another to burn these at predetermined temperature to ensure that no smoke is produced. Apart from these, carefully designed guidelines have been discussed in the present work towards developing a sustainable campus. Each one of these can be implemented as a project work in the campus by students who are our brand ambassadors, can further extend their contributions towards developing a smart city.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV6I5003
Published in :Volume : 6, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/12/2019
Page(s): 1-6
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