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Waste Water Treatment for Busyland Commercial City


Suhas V. Pawar , P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engg & Management, Amravati; Rina D. Wadhai, P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engg & Management, Amravati; Amit R. Wadnerkar, P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engg & Management, Amravati; Ajay S. Mahinge, P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engg & Management, Amravati


RBC, Waste Water Treatment, Busyland Commercial City


The disposal of domestic wastewater without any treatment into the drainage systems leads to the pollution. So with increasing pressure on water resources worldwide, now there is a need to consider recycling and reuse options for wastewaters. The need for compact wastewater treatment plants increasingly becomes a global concern where the environmental impact by the population also sets high demands to the treatment of waste produced by the community. It was estimated that about 6,30,000 liters/day of waste water from Busyland Commercial City at Amravati, Maharashtra is released in the nearby natural stream without any treatment. The quantity of waste water may reach to 10,00,000 liters/day of water after expansion of Busyland Commercial City. This release of waste water finally discharges to Pedhi River dam, which may affect the characteristics of dam water. Thus, an approach is made to provide proper treatment of to this waste water at Busyland Commercial City itself. The conclusion of the project was made for the selection of effective & economical waste water treatment system for the treatment of sewage of Busyland Commercial City. From the comparison made in different waste water treatment techniques, Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) treatment was found more feasible in terms of land, initial cost and maintenance cost, etc. The quality of effluent of RBC is satisfactory for the purpose of gardening and other maintenance work of Busyland Commercial City. This process also has a moderate detention period of influent which will help to reduce the major problem of odour. The sludge production of RBC plant is minimal and hence have a comparatively lesser maintenance cost than the other treatments. Hence, after considering all aspects, Rotating Biological Contactor plant was suggested for the proper treatment of waste water of Busyland Commercial City.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV5I5007
Published in :Volume : 5, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/12/2018
Page(s): 14-17
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