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Performance Analysis of Cool Air Ventilated Seat Cover


Omkar Ankush Jadhav , AISSMS' College of Engineering, Pune; Prof. S V Chaitanya, AISSMS' College of Engineering, Pune


Ventilated Seat Cover, Peltier effect, Reduction in Human Perspiration


Most of the luxury vehicles are equipped with ventilated seats. Ventilated seat cover can be used for vehicles which are not equipped with original equipment manufactured ventilated seat. On hot sunny days, seat surface become extremely hot due to direct sunlight, making it uncomfortable to sit also continuous driving increases the sweating under thighs and lower back. Ventilated seat cover is responsible for reducing human perspiration rate at back and thighs which are continuously in contact with seat cover surface. A DC centrifugal blower is used to blow air to the seat cover cushioning. Peltier device cools the air which runs on the car battery supply. Primary function of ventilated seat cover is to circulate cool air in the gap between the human body surface and seat cover surface. 3 degree change in the temperature results in better cooling of human body surface hence improving the thermal comfort of driver to some extent. This paper explains the performance of cool air ventilated seat cover. Performance is measured by taking temperature reading of the gap between human body surface and seat cover surface. Temperature readings are taken at three different time of a day; morning 9 am, afternoon 2 pm and evening 6 pm. Temperature readings are taken in different conditions like keeping air conditioning off in one case while keeping air condition on in its other case. The cool air ventilated seat cover works well by reducing temperature of the gap between human body surface and seat cover surface while it fails to reduce the humidity of the air.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV5I1044
Published in :Volume : 5, Issue : 1
Publication Date: 01/08/2018
Page(s): 112-117
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