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Improving Efficiency of Active Power Filter for Renewable Power Generation Systems by using Predictive Control Method and Fuzzy Logic Control Method


Kalyani Raut , wainganga collage of engineering and managment nagpur; Prof. Surbhi Srivasthav, wainganga collage of engineering and managment nagpur


Active Power Filter, Current Control, Four-Leg Converters, Predictive Control, Fuzzy Logic Controller


In this paper, an active power filter was implemented with a four-leg voltage-source inverter using a concept of predictive control along with fuzzy logic controller was presented. Here we are using fuzzy logic controller instead of using other controllers. The utilization of a four-leg voltage-source inverter allows the compensation of current harmonic components, as well as unbalanced current generated by single-phase nonlinear loads. A fuzzy controller is designed to mitigate the total harmonic distortion. Under steady state and transient operating conditions, the proposed active power filter compensation performance and the control strategy associated was demonstrated through simulation results. The simulation was done by using MATLAB/Simulink software. Social progress, it's necessary to fulfill the energy need by utilizing the renewable energy resources like wind, biomass, hydro, co-generation, etc. In sustainable energy system, energy conservation and also the use of renewable source are the key paradigm. The necessity to integrate the renewable energy like wind energy/PV into power system is to create it possible to reduce the environmental impact on typical plant. The integration of wind energy into existing power system presents technical challenges which need consideration of voltage regulation, stability, power quality issues. The power quality is a vital customer-focused measure and is greatly tormented by the operation of a distribution and transmission network.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV4I7027
Published in :Volume : 4, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/02/2018
Page(s): 50-55
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