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A Survey on- Personalized and Privacy Preserving Numeric Type SQL Range Queries over Outsourced Two-Cloud Database


Mr. Gorakshanath N. Handge , GESCOE, Nashik; Dr. Dipak V. Patil, GESCOE, Nashik


Cloud Architecture, Privacy Preservation, Database Management, Range Queries, Privacy Preservation


A two-cloud architecture with a series of interaction protocols for outsourced database service, which ensures the privacy preservation of data contents, statistical properties and query pattern. In most of the organization, database management is the key component in the case of information infrastructure. In place of database management in-house, the computing industry has moved on the latest trend of outsourcing the database. The principle reason is that database is facilitated and handled in cloud server, which is outside the ability to control of information proprietors. In the database management, one of the necessary requirements is to provide security to the database by holding the information confidential. But when the database is encrypted there exist the problem of processing queries. Furthermore enhance the security while ensuring practicality and the logical and mathematical queries those plans can't give adequate security assurance against possible difficulties. Moreover, expanded number of queries will definitely release more data to the cloud server. The SQL Queries require a few secure database schemes for it sun deniable working, yet this at long last prompts privacy spillage to the cloud server. For numerical range queries (>, <) these neglect to give adequate security insurance. Security examination demonstrates that security of numerical data is firmly ensured against cloud suppliers in our proposed scheme. We have studied some of these research works and analyzed the best possible ways to come to the desired level of privacy preservation in the case of cloud computing. Some of the works studied are the fuzzy logic, range queries, CryptDB order preserving encryption and multi-cloud architecture etc.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV4I10002
Published in :Volume : 4, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/05/2018
Page(s): 1-5
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