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Digital Data Encryption Using Cloud


Amruta Mane , Trinity College Of Enggineering And Research; Amruta Mane, Trinity College Of Enggineering And Research; Neha More, Trinity College Of Enggineering And Research; Shraddha Khamkar, Trinity College Of Enggineering And Research; Poonam Kolate, Trinity College Of Enggineering And Research


Identity-based; access control; rating system; cipher text-policy attribute-based encryption


Main aim of Identity -Based Access Control project is to store the important data from cloud. This mechanism is to carry out the rating system for preventing specific digital content like (audio, video, images etc) from being obtained by appropriate users. We introduce an access-control technique that we refer to as attribute-based encryption (ABE). An extension of the cryptographic technique of identity-based encryption (IBE), our proposed ABE scheme can serve as the basis of an access-control architecture where interaction is not require for entities with a trusted authority in order to gain access to sensitive data.In this paper, we proposed an identity based access control approach for digital content based on cipher text-policy attribute-based encryption. Only one copy of encrypted digital content is required to share with multiple users. In this paper we represent a system for realizing complex access control on encrypted data that we call Cipher text-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption. By using such techniques encrypted data can be kept confidential even if the storage server is untrusted; Previous Attribute- Based Encryption systems used attributes to describe the encrypted data and built policies into user’s keys; while in our system attributes are used for describing a user’s credentials, and a party for encrypting data determines a policy for who can decrypt. We present a new methodology for realizing Cipher-text Policy Attribute Encryption (CP-ABE) under concrete and non-interactive cryptographic assumptions in the standard model. Our solutions allow any encrypt to specify access control in terms of any access formula over the attributes in the system.As shown in our performance analysis with respect of security, space complexity, and time complexity, identity-based access control outperforms the traditional access control list based and encryption-based access control approaches.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I9054
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 01/04/2016
Page(s): 116-122
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