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Comparative Study of Traffic Simulation Model For Mix Traffic Condition


Pratik Raj , G.H Raisoni College Of Engineering, Nagpur,Maharashtra,India.; Dr. B.V.Khode, G.H Raisoni College Of Engineering, Nagpur,Maharashtra,India.


Simulation model, Mix traffic, lane change behavior, Traffic volume, Capacity, Speed-Flow Equations


With the continuous increase in vehicle on urban roads the congestion also increases and it became the major concern that how to maintain free flow speed of traffic. The traffic in India is highly heterogeneous with different classes of vehicle and no lane discipline. To avoid the congestion we must require proper and channelized traffic and it can be achieved by developing a microscopic model by using computer program such as simulation. Simulation is the mirroring of the operation of a real world process or system. To simulate something firstly we require to develop model and this model represent the behavior or function of the selected process. Traffic flow phenomenon consist of a wide range of complex activity, speed of the travel, lane discipline, overtaking and crossing logic, gap acceptance, acceleration and deceleration etc. The characteristics of traffic flow depend upon various factor like road features, vehicle performance characteristic and road user behaviour. To understand the phenomena of traffic flow behaviour, it can be achieved by observing movement of vehicle in traffic stream and collect data and synthesise the flow characteristic through analytical or mathematical model. Simulation model can be developing to understand the phenomena of traffic flow and to reduce the problem commonly met with in road traffic and transportation. Some of these are: development of speed flow relationship, prediction of fuel consumption of vehicle, gap acceptance problem in the design of intersection, queuing problem, bus route schedule, accident occurrence etc. This study can contribute to an improved understanding of traffic flow on Indian expressway.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I8109
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/03/2016
Page(s): 311-315
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