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Project Report on Deep Beam Analysis by using ANSYS


Sumedh Lokhande , G.H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology; Prof. Dr. Tushar Shende, G.H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology; Saurabh Aher, G.H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology; Bharat Indurkar, G.H Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology


Deep beam, ANSYS 2D, aspect ratio, convergence study, discritisation, flexural stress, EBT, Plane 82, cantilever rectangular deep beam, plane 182


In present day construction system Deep Beam is more constructed in spans, dams, collapsed Plate Roof Structures, stopping storm cellar chunk. Deep beam is characterized as the member loaded on one face and supported on opposite face so that compression struts can create between the heaps and support. In this investigation we can consider a model of cantilever rectangular deep beam. We can dissect this model with fem program by Dr P N Godbole and ANSYS 2D with Plane 82. Ansys is more precise software program when contrasted with staad genius, Etabs. Also we can Analyze Cantilever Rectangular deep beam with 4nodes Element by Ansys 2d with plane 182 and fem program. We can break down Ansys 2d with plane 183 of 8 nodes component and fem program. Deep beam is discovered when L/D is not as much as equivalent to 2 is called as deep beam. Continuous beam are considered as deep when the proportion L/D is under 2.5. The successful traverse is characterized as the inside to focus remove between the backings or 1.15 times the unmistakable traverse whichever is less.For displacement in regular and fine work, plane 182 and plane 183 and Eulers Bernoullis Theory (EBT) comes about are shut to diagnostic solution, for utilize, so for this situation FEM is smarter to use. By an indistinguishable reason from FEM is proposed for Normal and Shear stress. FEM is prescribed and better for use to solve the problems. Deflection esteem given by EBT are considerably less than the esteem given by Fem program and Ansys program if there should be an occurrence of rectangular deep beam. From the outcomes given by fem program, Ansys it is discovered that the flexural stress distribution in deep beam isn't straight as in the event of slim beam, But EBT gives the flexural stress distribution as direct for deep beam. EBT gives the greatest shear stress at the middle line of the beam, however in deep beam the most extreme shear stress it is beneath the inside line of the beam. It is watched that the nonpartisan pivot moves downwards.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV4I12023
Published in :Volume : 4, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/07/2018
Page(s): 41-49
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