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Modelling and Simulation of an Integrated Photovoltaic-Wind Hybrid Power Generation Strategy


Bindu K V , RMK College of Engineering and Technology; Chandra Keshore, Hyundai Motors Pvt. Ltd; Dr. B. Justus Rabi, Shri Andal Alaghar College of Engineering


airplane propellers, horizontal axis wind turbine, MPPT, Vertical axis wind turbine


In recent year’s generation of electricity using the different types of renewable sources are specifically evaluated in the economy ical performance of the overall equipment. An adequate supply of electricity is critical to the functioning of modern societies and to meet the electrical needs of an expanding global population and simultaneously reduce negative environmental impacts, it is of vital importance to incorporate solar energy and wind energy as a source of electrical production. Solar power & wind power has received considerable attention worldwide. The presented methodology is applied to evaluate the potential of solar wind hybrid system to produce electricity for a community and other state. Through this hybrid system we have reduce pollution and decrease the global warming. In this we have analyzing the data of wind and solar energy and evaluate the average energy by using hybrid system we have fulfills the energy demand into the future. In future by using of better quality sensor be can increase the potential. We use the small storage capacity. Because maintained cost becomes low using the better quality data logger is can increase the energy production. In future we have to install large solar and wind plant which are cheaper as compared to small plants. The Modeling and simulation of the Solar (photovoltaic) –wind hybrid system is carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The energy resources solar and wind are seasonal, both may not be available at all times which causes an interruption in the power flow thus reducing the efficiency and consistency in the power. The integration of the two energy sources as one helps us to increase the output power of the system as a whole. In a hybrid power system the solar light energy is directly converted into electrical energy using photovoltaic panel and wind energy is converted into electrical energy using DC generators. The obtained dc power is stored in battery. The trickle charging method ensures better charging of the battery. This paper has data acquisition features to monitor voltage, current and power of hybrid system.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV1I10038
Published in :Volume : 1, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/05/2015
Page(s): 41-46
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