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Comparative Study of Virtualization Management with Virtual Migration in Cloud Computing


Kiran Singh , School of Engineering SSSUTMS,Sehore(M.P.); Manoj Kumar Yadav, SOE, SSSUTMS, SEHORE (M.P.) ; Sudeesh Chouhan, SOE, SSSUTMS, SEHORE (M.P.)


Cloud computing, virtual machine migration, pre copy, post copy, hypervisor


The cloud computing paradigm has brought the benefits of utility computing to a global scale. It has gained paramount attention in recent years. Companies are seriously considering to adopt this new paradigm and expecting to receive significant benefits. In fact, the concept of cloud computing is not a revolution in terms of technology; it has been established based on the solid ground of virtualization, distributed system, and web services. To comprehend cloud computing, its foundations and technological landscape need to be adequately understood. This paper provides a comprehensive review on the building blocks of cloud computing and relevant technological aspects. It focuses on four key areas including architecture, virtualization, data management, and security issues. Cloud computing is the emerging service provider used to manage computing resources like networks, storage, servers, applications and services which requires optimum effort of management [1]. Virtualization in cloud computing is gaining more importance today due to lack of proper utilization of resources, improper load balancing of processing nodes, lesser isolation of applications, extent of tolerating the faults in virtual machines, to increase the portability of nodes and to rise the efficiency of cost of the physical server. So, migration is one of the most important features of virtual machines technology [2]. Virtual machine migration is the migration of virtual machine from one physical host to another [1]. It is mainly done via two approaches per copy migration and post copy migration. Pre copy migration first transfers the memory and then transfers the execution while post copy migration first transfers the execution and then transfers the memory [7].The main motive of this paper is to provide the better understanding of post copy virtual machine migration technique research challenges by comparing existing general & network aware virtual machine migration techniques in cloud computing.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV4I4027
Published in :Volume : 4, Issue : 4
Publication Date: 01/11/2017
Page(s): 38-44
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