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Experimental Study on Workability and Strength Characteristics of Concrete Containing Waste Marble Aggregate along with Marble Slurry Powder


D. V. Nirmala , JNTUA


Compressive Strength, Marble Slurry Powder, Marble Waste Aggregate, Ordinary Portland Cement, Split Tensile Strength


Concrete is most extensively used and most popular construction material used in the world. The demand for materials in the construction industry has consecutively increased which has resulted in the reduction of sources and an increase in price. On the other hand a high volume of marble production has generated a considerable amount of waste material; almost 40% of marble stone mined and handled usually rejects at the mine sites or at processing units in the range of 250-400 tones. Leaving the waste materials to the environment can cause environmental problem. So it has become necessary to reuse these wastes particularly in the manufacture of concrete for construction purposes. The objective of the present experimental study is to demonstrate the possibility of using marble aggregates as partial replacement of natural aggregates along with waste marble slurry powder as partial replacement of cement. This experimental study was carried out as a mixture of cement and gravel substitution. The concrete formulations were produced with constant water/cement ratio. The results obtained show that the strength characteristics of concrete specimens produced using marble waste aggregate along with marble waste slurry powder were found to confirm with concrete production standards and substitution of natural aggregates by waste marble aggregates up to 10% along with substitution of cement by marble waste slurry powder up to 10% of any formulation is beneficial for concrete.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I9023
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 01/04/2017
Page(s): 31-34
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