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Holocaust Conflict Robot


S. Yuva Kumar , Sriram Engineering College; S. Palaraman, Sriram Engineering College; M. Vijay, Sriram Engineering College; L. Sivagami, Sriram Engineering College


Multi Sensor Detection System (MSDS) [1], LM35, Cooperative Fire Security System [10], HARMS [10]


There are many possibilities in the occurrence of fire for an industry or any remote area. This fire can also cause billions of cost in damage and thousands of death over each year. Recently Multi Sensor Detection System (MSDS) is one of the important research issues among worldwide [1]. However, the fire cannot be controlled by Human beings in well effective manner at all the time. Considering the effective control of fire, the Holocaust Conflict Robots are deployed around the world. This paper proposes Ardino based algorithm for fire detection and distance measurement from fire source, while the robot is on its way to extinguish fire, i.e., Rescuing the life of living things in fire and controlling the fire in effective manner. Smoke, gas and Humidity can also be detected while extinguishing. The LM35 sensors and ultrasonic sensor are used with Multi Sensor Detection System (MSDS) to provide a extinguishment platform and the parameters are updated to the respected person through IoT. When the fire is detected and robot is at nearer distance to fire, a solenoid valve pump is used to sprinkle water for extinguishment. For an effective extinguishing, a water spreader is used. This Holocaust Conflict Robot is enhanced with dual conditions. For the first condition, if the controlling process takes place after some period of time, “warning message” will be sent to the respective person in an industry with a help of CFS2H [10]. And the second condition, if the level of the extinguishing material falls below the certain threshold value the message will be intimated to the emergency fire station. This paper is also enhanced with use of renewable energy resource in it. Here, we have included the solar panels for this purpose. The light energy from fire can be converted into electric energy and stored in Backup Battery. This backup energy is used to drive the motors and other equipments in a Robot.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I8018
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/03/2017
Page(s): 105-108
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