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Evaluating Effect of on-Street Parking for Urban Arterials by Stream Equivalnecy Factor


Rajiv Ranjan Mishra , PARUL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY; Vinay Gautam, SVNIT, Surat; Ashish Dhamaniya, SVNIT, Surat


Traffic, Stream Equivalency Factor, On Street Parking, Heterogeneous Traffic Stream, 6-Lane Divided, Urban Arterial


In general, whenever it was needed to convert a heterogeneous traffic stream into a homogeneous traffic stream passenger car unit’s (PCU) plays an important role. In this paper the concept of stream equivalency factor was used to undermine the homogeneity of traffic stream when the section is completely affected by on street parked vehicle and when the section is without parked vehicle by using the composition of vehicle categories that was observed on the field in each data set and its volume to generate these models. The 6-lane divided urban arterial roads are considered and the models generated were compared to estimate the losses due to the parked vehicles which were affecting the flow as well as the speed of the vehicle in the traffic stream. The stream equivalency factor is denoted by K in this paper. The model developed for the section with no parking contains the entire vehicle categories whose composition is atleast 2% of the total vehicle composition. Similar concept is applied for the the section without on-street parked vehicles. The MAPE value obtained for both the model was less than 5% which mean these model were representing the actual field condition and can be suitable for any such 6-lane divided urban arterial road section.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I7105
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/02/2017
Page(s): 155-162
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