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Use of Disc Brake in E-Car: A Review


Patel Sahil D. , S.V.M.I.T, BHARUCH; Gosai Dipak C., S.V.M.I.T, BHARUCH; Shah Amit V., S.V.M.I.T, BHARUCH


Alternative fuels, Brakes, Disc brake, Electric car, Efficiency of E-car, Light weight material, Pollution


There are many problems that the conventional petroleum vehicle poses such as dependency on foreign oil, degradation of air quality and carbon emissions that perpetuate climate change. India imports large amount of oil for automotive use. Nearly 80% of India’s crude oil requirement is imported. So, there is the need for alternative fuelled vehicles to reduce the problems of exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines and to reduce the dependency on imported foreign crude oil. An electric car is an alternative-design automobile that uses an electric motor to power the car, with the electricity being provided by a battery. It produces zero emission and it has noiseless operation. The overall impact of the electric car ultimately benefits the people. Compared to gasoline powered vehicles, electric vehicles are considered to be ninety-seven percent cleaner, producing no tailpipe emissions that can place particulate matter into the air. According to the survey of today’s scenario, there is a big need of small, light weight and more efficient electric car with better safety to overcome from traffic problem, and to increase the overall efficiency. I think it is time to consider it necessary to produce varied types of electric cars. The reason is simple, we need to find substitute for oil and gasoline powered cars and we need to lower the pollution from vehicles. I think the best solution is electric vehicle and I am positive that is a big part of our future. This review paper includes the basic details of electric car and the basics of a brake system of the vehicle as a safety features well as survey of some well-known company’s electric vehicle.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I5111
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/12/2016
Page(s): 185-190
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