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Multi-Parameter Analysis and Modeling of MRR & SR on Electro Discharge Machine with Multi Wall Carbon Nano Tube


Prof. Yashesh A. Darji , C. U. Shah University


Electrical discharge machining (EDM) Carbon nanotubes (CNT), Material removal rate, tool wear rate, full factorial method, Regression Analysis


Electric discharge machining is non-conventional machining process used for machining of hard materials which cannot be machined by conventional machining process. Electric discharge machining is an electro sparking method of metal working involving an electric erosion effect. A pulse discharge occurs in a small gap between the work piece and the electrode and removes the unwanted material from the parent metal through melting and vaporizing. Powder-mixed electrical discharge machining is one of the latest techniques for improving material removal rate and also surface roughness among other performance characteristics. However its utilization in the manufacturing industry is very low because many fundamental issues of this new development such as machining mechanism cost effectiveness of powder and powder concentration in the working fluid together with safety and environmental impact among other are not well understood. This work investigation the machining characteristics of EN-31 with aluminum as tool electrode during EDM process, the multi wall carbon nano tube is mixed with dielectric fluids in EDM process to analyze the MRR, and SR. Regression model were developed to predict the output parameter in EDM process. In the development of predictive models, machining parameter of peak current, pulse on time and pulse off time were considered as model variables. The collection of experimental data adopted full factorial method. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine the significant parameter affecting the output parameter. Later EN-31 steel was analyzed and the parameters are optimized using design expert software, regression equations are compared with and without MWCNT using EDM process. The average 19% of MRR was improved, with respect to input parameter and the average 30% of surface roughness was improved by using carbon nano tube mixed as dielectric fluid.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I5001
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/12/2016
Page(s): 81-89
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