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Improving the Coverage and Connectivity of WSNs using Diagrammatic Node Clustering


Shravankumar M. Mamidwar , SURESH DESHMUKH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING; Pravin R. Lakhe, suresh deshmukh college of engineering


Wireless Sensor Network, Target coverage, connectivity, mobile sensors, energy consumption


WSN suffers from a lot of issues that includes energy conservation, scalability, latency, computational resources and communication capabilities. Energy efficiency is critical issue in Wireless Sensor Networks as nodes are equipped with limited power supply and nodes that bypass most of the traffic deplete their energy faster that leads to decreased network lifetime. Many sensor networks are deployed for the purpose of covering and monitoring a particular region, and detecting the object of interest in the region. In these applications, coverage is one of the centric problems in sensor networks. Such problem is centered on a basic question: “How well can the sensors observe the physical world?” The concept of coverage can be interpreted as a measure of quality of service provided by the sensing function in various ways depending on sensor devices and applications. On the other hand, sensor nodes are usually battery-powered and subject to limitations based on the available battery energy. It is, therefore, critical to design, deploy and operate a wireless sensor network in an energy-efficient manner, while satisfying the coverage requirement. Although many studies have exploited the mobility of sensors to improve the quality of coverage and connectivity, little attention has been paid to the minimization of sensors’ movement, which often consumes the majority of the limited energy of sensors and thus shortens the network lifetime significantly. In order to prolong the lifetime of a sensor network this paper addresses the challenges of the Mobile Sensor Deployment (MSD) problem and investigates how to deploy mobile sensors with minimum movement to form a WSN that provides both target coverage and network connectivity.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I12089
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/07/2017
Page(s): 200-205
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