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Smart Medicine Reminder Box


Harshid Soni , sal institute of technology and engineering research; Sanjay Bhati, sal institute of technology and engineering research; Vijayrajsinh Zala, sal institute of technology and engineering research; Parth Vyas, sal institute of technology and engineering research; Mr. Yash Sharma, sal institute of technology and engineering research


Smart medicine box, Old age patients, Permanent diseases, Setting up time table, Bright light, Notification sound, Sensing capability


Our project’s main aim is to make a Smart medicine box for those users who regularly take medicines and the prescription of their medicine is very long as it is hard to remember to patients and also for their care giver. Also Old age patients suffer from problems of forget to take pills on proper time which causes certain health issues for patients having Permanent diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, breathing problem, heart problems, cancer diseases etc. We saw these problems in hospitals & people around us who have such kind of diseases and thus based on these two problems we made smart medicine box which solve these problems by Setting up time table of prescribed medicines through push buttons as given in prescription. Present time will be saved in RTC module and notification time will be saved in EEPROM. Therefore at the time of taking medicine system generate Notification sound and display the Bright light in certain pill boxes. So, patient can know the specific number of box from which he has to take out medicines. All pill boxes are pre-loaded in the system which patient needs to take at given time. And our system has quality that it can sense if the patient had taken out pills from the box or not. Another advantage of our system includes of Sensing capability if the patient tries to postpone the time of taking medicine by suddenly opening and closing the medicine boxes to stop the sound. Compare to other devices available in market are capable to generate sound at one time and afterwards it stops. Thus, final result of our system provides fast curing of patient health by using our advantageous system.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I10093
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/05/2017
Page(s): 172-177
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