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Comparative Studies between Benkelman Beam Deflections (BBD) and Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Test for Flexible Road Pavement


Vaibhav K. Solanki , Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering, Vehlal, India; Mr. Pankaj Goyal, Infinite Civil Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Sola, Ahmedabad; Prof. Srinath karli, Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering, Vehlal, India


Flexible pavement, Non-destructive test, Benkelman beam, FWD, Deflections


Most of the road network in India has a significant level of deterioration and therefore requires major rehabilitation projects; in general, most of these rehabilitation activities involve a new asphalt layer on the original pavement structure; knowledge and analysis of structural capacity of the pavement is essential to perform a durable and economical rehabilitation design. The determination of the structural capacity of flexible pavements as a function of the deflections produced by the application of a load. The techniques most used in many countries to measure pavement deflections are the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and the Benkelman beam, the first one works under dynamic loading and the second device under static loading. The use of devices under static loading has not been recommended by several design methodologies, including AASHTO, but these are still used widely in many countries including India, for this reason it is necessary to compare the deflections by Benkelman beam and falling weight deflectmeter. In this study deflections measure by BBD and FWD techniques on 30 deflection observation points on selected 1.5 km flexible urban highway stretch. Both test are perform simultaneously on marking points. And data collected by booth test are as per IRC: 81-1997 and IRC: 115-2014.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I10044
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/05/2017
Page(s): 63-69
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