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A Critical Evaluation of the Effect of Soft Storey and Column Orientation on RC Buildings


Mahapara Firdous , Amity University; Sakshi Gupta, Amity University


Lateral stiffness irregularity, SAP2000, Seismic analysis, Soft Storey, Stiffness irregularity


Earthquakes are the most challenging forces that affect the buildings and other structures. The behaviour of a building during an earthquake depends on various factors such as shape, size and geometry of the building. The growth of population and the scarcity in the availability of land has constrained the architects and engineers to provide areas of parking inside the building leading to the formation of a weak/soft storey inside the building. Also the desire to build aesthetically appealing structures has inspired the engineers to build structures different from the conventional ones. The engineers are nowadays building structures different in plan and configuration. Due to recent demand of building structures aesthetically different, the plan, configuration and other geometrical features such as shape and orientation of the columns are changed. These geometrical features such as shape of columns and their orientation influences the lateral stiffness of the building .The inclusion of a weak storey and change of orientation of columns creates vertical stiffness irregularity and lateral stiffness irregularity in the building which is a form of plan irregularity. Thus,making the building vulnerable to the earthquake forces. This review of past studies aims to find out how does orientation of columns and soft storey affect the seismic parameters such as deflection and time period. The study concludes that the soft storeys are to be provided in upper stories and combined effect of soft storey and column orientation is to be studied by means of software aid to prevent failure of building during earthquakes.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV3I10027
Published in :Volume : 3, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/05/2017
Page(s): 44-47
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