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Advance Home Manipulation System using Internet of Things


Proff. Pavan kulkarni , Trinity college of engineering and research; Sagar Shedge, Trinity college of engineering and research; Mayur Chaundkar, Trinity college of engineering and research; Sambhaji Gaikwad, Trinity college of engineering and research; Parshuram Ghanokar, Trinity college of engineering and research


Android App, IOT, Router, Wi-Fi Module, Relay


Home Automation is a way to have many things around your home happen automatically. The first thing that comes to mind when traditional and typical think of home automation are robots, flashing lights, automatic car, complicated electronics and a general feeling that their home is more of a cold science experiment. However, in most homes today, you can easily find some simple forms of automation such as: door openers, Remote Controls, Irrigation / sprinkler control systems, Motion activated, Fan Controls, lights dimming, Security systems, Programmable thermostats, Light timers If you want to keep going, you can throw many more things such as: in dish washer, washing machine and dryers, ovens, lights and switches…. The list goes on and on. The concept of automation feeling of fear and revulsion from this very need the need to control things to make life secure. But the all attempts would be successful only with the right technology. We have started automatically with this maiden effort of home automation. Home automation devote the idea of controlling lights and fan. The most of feature which makes automation so unique and particular beside the fact that it runs on www that is world wide web is that it has the user end fixed as AndroidOS, which, today has emerged as the most remunerative and user friendly technology We have compete this idea of combining AndroidOS platform along with Internet of things to save electricity as well time. This initiative can well be applied to any electrical appliance since here we must have switching on and off the lights along with controlling its dimming ratio and fan as well as gas.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I9115
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 01/04/2016
Page(s): 328-331
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