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Eradication of Slums in Bhopal City


Prem Narayan Saxena , Rajiv Gandhi ProudyogikiMahavidyalaya Bhopal , India; Rajesh Joshi, Rajiv Gandhi ProudyogikiMahavidyalaya Bhopal , India


Topography, Slums & Slum Community, Dwelling Unit Design


The phenomenon of Urbanization leading to a high population density creates pressure on environmental resources. Air and water pollution levels are higher then the prescribed standards leading to severe deterioration in the health environment of the area. The high percentage of poor (as indicated by the extent of slum population) clearly delineates the population segment that suffers the most due to deteriorating environmental conditions and poor civic amenities. All residents feel the ill effects of air and water pollution and the soil run off. However the intensity of these effects, ability to cope with these conditions and access to alternatives varies with the income class of citizens and within the income class along the gender lines. It is well known that a large percentage of population in any Indian city belongs to the lowest economic strata i.e. economically weaker section. Majority of this urban poor Population belongs to people who have migrated from the nearby rural areas in search of work, employment. Due to the dwindling land resources and increased population the land holding of any family in the rural population to the nearby city. Most poor immigrants to the city can find access to shelter only by squatting on public or private land. These squatters over the time continue to come and settle on this land thus creating a neighborhood more generally called as slum. But in the format of Housing development, the above vital factors for creating harmonious symbiotic and self-sustainable communities at optimal location are generally ignored and in fact in cases no provision of habitat is made for such population in the planning of hosing development. this deficiency in the formal planning leads to development of Slums ad Squatter Settlements to assimilate such population.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I6062
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 01/01/2016
Page(s): 104-112
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