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Problems and Prospects of Supply Chains for Capital & Industrial Goods Manufacturing Industry (C & I GM) – A Recent Review


Vinay A.Parikh , Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Sidsar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat,India; Dr. M.G.Bhatt, SSEC,Bhavnagar


Supply Chain Management, Productivity, Capital And Industrial Manufacturing


In recent years, SCM has become major component of competitive strategy to enhance organizational productivity. Despite the extensive research carried out in SCM throughout the world, SCM practices have not yet been very well-adopted in developing countries like India.SCM encompasses all activities involved in the transformation of goods from the raw material stage to the final stage when the goods and services reach to the end customer. Literature refers that some of the supply chain solution are there for manufacturing sectors and small & medium scale industries (SMEs) and that also much more ineffective and partially implemented. A vibrant capital goods industry is a pre-requisite of the manufacturing activities of any company. Presently these kinds of industries are facing problems like greater uncertainty in demand, shorter product life cycles, greater demand for mass customization and high intensity of competition. Since these industries posses business to business (B2B) supply chain which differs from business to customer (B2C) and customer to customer (C2C) supply chains. This research paper presents some of the important supply chain drivers for Capital & Industrial goods manufacturing (C&I GM) industries. Here general drivers like production, inventory, transportation, location and information were viewed in context of business to business (B2B) supply chain management. An attempt has been made to discuss specific issues pertaining to Capital & Industrial Goods manufacturing industries(C&I GM). As a result Uncertainty in demand pattern was identified as a major problem which affects on other drivers like production; inventory and information subsequently. Problem areas for improvement purpose were summarized from literature review. As well as Probable potential approaches for solutions are also suggested by author in order to enhance prospects for C& I GM Industries.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I6015
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 01/01/2016
Page(s): 17-19
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