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Biosorption Studies using Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria for Depolluting Nickel Contaminated Soil


Nandini M R , Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering; Udayashankara T H , Sri Jayachamrajendra College of Engineering; Madhukar M , Sri Jayachamrajendra College of Engineering


Biosorption, Environment, Metal, Media, Nickel and Pseudomonas


Nickel is considered as ubiquitous metal in nature and it is distributed uniformly throughout the soil profile. The principal natural form of nickel oxide occurs in admixture with nickel sulfides in varying proportions in weathered ore. However, it typically accumulates on the surface from deposition caused due to industrial and agricultural activities. Nickel may present a major problem in land near towns, in industrial areas, or even in agricultural land receiving concentrated wastes from solid and liquid waste disposal, water and wastewater treatment sludge and accidental spillage. Decrease in soil pH through various natural and anthropogenic activities can increase the rate of mobility of nickel through the soil and leaching to deeper layers of soil eventually increasing the groundwater nickel content. There are various in-situ and ex-situ remediation methods applied to contaminated site. Among the in-situ methods bio remediation is the most reliable and feasible method for soil depollution. Keeping all the above facts in view, the present study is contemplated on carrying out bio sorption studies using Pseudomonas Bacteria for depolluting the nickel contaminated soil. The site soil is a well graded clayey soil with high affinity towards nickel. It is evident from the adsorption study that 85-95% of nickel is adsorbed by the soil easily within 7.5h if the nickel concentration is varies from up to maximum of 750mg/L The optimum dosage of biomass (Pseudomonas) is found to be 0.5mL (1.472mg/mL) with minimal or nutrient media of 10mL. The R2 value of the isotherm model is found to be agreeing with pseudo second order kinetics. Which indicates the rate of adsorption is due to chemo sorption involving valence forces through sharing or exchange of electrons between adsorbent and adsorbate. Bio sorption using Pseudomonas with nutrient media is a promising bio remediation method for depolluting nickel contaminated sites.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I2034
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/09/2015
Page(s): 100-106
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