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A Review Paper on Apprehension for the Poses of Eye State &Head State for non-Alert Driver


Mr. Onkar Ganesh Kulkarni , E&TC-VLSI and Embedded BSIOTR Pune (MH) ,India; Mr. Onkar Ganesh Kulkarni, E&TC-VLSI and Embedded BSIOTR Pune (MH) ,India; Prof. Dr. Y. S. Angal, HOD Dept. of E&TC BSIOTR Pune (MH) ,India


Importance of Driver Alertness Monitoring, detection of various Pose, system design, motivation, real time monitoring, Adaboost algorithm, 3D Position


A driving is the basic need and activity in any persons common life, because of a various types of lifestyle activity will be consider in human life, so as they concern in our day to day life, we have very fast life and our need too , so at any condition due to of some work we need to reach place that we want but due to of that our body is not handle a situation and body resist all that things and it only want rest so if we drive a car or any vehicle when body want rest so then some chances of accidental issue is come to see and this chances called as non-alertness about drive , according to the poll is conducted by various NSF I.e. National Sleep Foundation and then it is concluded that various accidental issue is cause due to of sleepiness problem of non-alert ness of driver IDAS (Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems) is made in application for analysis of the eye state & head pose for the driver alertness. Several of the patterns reply based on either related on eye closure as well as head nodding angles with the continuous variation to determine the parameter of non-alerting the driver who drive the car for drowsiness or distraction level. So then proposed technique uses visual analysis of various features such as eye index parameter, pupil activity parameter, and HP parameter for extract critical information related to non-alertness of a vehicle driver. EI is used to find out various positions of eye. An as soon as the HP finds the amount of the driver’s head are toward the various movements for count out the number of segments in video that concern a large number of deviation of three basic Euler angles of HP i.e., nodding & shaking, and last is tilting, from its normal driving position. Head pose i.e. HP provides most useful data or signal related on the lack of attention of head particularly when the driver’s eyes are not in visible condition due to cause by large head movements.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I12050
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/07/2016
Page(s): 110-113
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