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A Stability Improvement of Power System using by Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor and Flexible AC Transmission System with Single Machine Infinite Bus System


PRAKASH NARAYAN TIWARI , IES ENGINEERING COLLEGE BHOPAL RGPV UNIVERSISTY ,BHOPAL MP; NAND LAL SHAH, Master of Engineering in power system, student of IASSCOM Engineering college Bhopal M.P.; VIKASH KUMAR, Master of Engineering in power system Student of IES College of engineering and Technology, Bhopal M.P.; KAUSHAL PRASAD TIWARI, Assistant Professor Head of Depatment .in Electrical engineering BITS Engineering College, Bhopal M.P.; KUMAR PRABHAKAR, Assistant Professor, IES College of engineering and Technology Bhopal M.P.


Thyristor control series capacitor (TCSC) - flexible AC Transmission System (FACT) - Single machine infinite bus system (SMIB), Eigen value, transient stability –power transient stability


In This paper introduces comprehensive fast control characteristics and continuous compensation Flexible AC Transmission System, FACTS devices have been investing) the, and adopted in power system engineering area. There are so many advantaging of the using FACTS controller devices.[2] It can be increase dynamic stability of power system, loading capability of transmission lines improves power quality as well as the system security. has led to an Increasing complexity in the study of power systems, and also Presents the new challenges to the power system stability, and Particular, The Stability of a two-area power system Which is the, affective FACT Flexible AC Transmission System, device capable of controlling active and reactive power flows in the transmission line, the Series Compensator, of, SSSC and also Thyristor, Controlled Series. Capacitor in This behavior can be using, to improve the stability of the power. System following a, disturbance. The voltage Regulation mode of shunt inverter of TCSC -FACTS is investigated for the transient stability improvement of Single Machine Infinite Bus, SMIB. System. The Four control modes, like perpendicular to the voltage or phase angle control etc. They have also discussed. With a three phase fault on single machine infinite bus, SMIB is examined for them. Transient stability is Improvement parameters using single machine infinite bus SMIB.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I12035
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/07/2016
Page(s): 57-63
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