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Scouring of Pier under Clear-water Condition




Sour, Scour mechanism, Scour Depth, Regression analysis


Scour is said to be a natural phenomenon caused by the erosive action of flowing water on alluvial bed which removes the sediment or soil around or near structures which located in direction of flowing water. It means that decreasing of the bed level by the water flow of water causes erosions such that there is a tendency to expose the base that is foundations of a structure. It is the consequence of the erosive action of flowing water, which excavate and carry away material from the bed or formation level and from around the piers of structures. Scour can be said to be the main cause for failures of marine structures throughout the world. In experimental approach vertical piles is used for general purpose in the flumes for the investigation for the effects of scour. In previous few studies, many techniques to reduce the scour depth have been employed such as by making use of splitter plates and collars on the pile and also helical wires or cables spirally wrapped around the pile which resemble like threaded pile have also used to reduce the potential of scour by flowing water. By using the different method or techniques, the scour depth can be reduced by changing the flow field around the piles. Accurate estimation and prediction of scour depth is complex as there are various uncertainties attached with it. Many methods of protection for the erosive action of water on soils near foundations of structures have also been adopted and such various methods at different occasion prove costly on their application. It is therefore needed that more and more studies are required still to estimate the scour depth accurately and effectively and also to find a cost effective method to mitigate the scour.In this study the variation of scour depth with different parameter are discussed. The problem formulation of scour depth under clear water scour condition had been done using regression analysis on ms excel and curves are plotted using the reference data. The data collected in the present investigation, the laboratory and field data collected by other investigator have also been used. The scour depths computed using regression analysis and graph are plotted to their respective parameters using regression analysis and comparison has been done between observed and computed values.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV2I11077
Published in :Volume : 2, Issue : 11
Publication Date: 01/06/2016
Page(s): 105-109
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