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Intelligent Counselor:An Intelligent Advisory System


Rajput Alpaba C. , Department Of Computer Science,HNGU


Advisory System, Intelligent System, multilayer network, Intelligent counselor


Advisory system is a system which helps to take decision in such a situation where more than one decisions are possible. In place of making decision, advisory system helps to guide the decision maker in decision making process. It leaves the final decision making authority up to the decision maker. One of the main problems faced by students is to take the right decision regarding specific course in relation to their academic schedule based on available information. Advisory system could be used to provide course advice and counseling for freshmen in order to achieve a better match between the student’s ability and success in course completion. The current manual advising system puts a huge burden on the academic advisors, because it is time consuming and they could face drilling process by answering the same questions over and over. In Gujarat for engineering admission “Admission committee of professional courses (ACPC)” conducts online admission procedure. Due to lack of awareness, experience and absence of proper evaluation channel, at a time of selection procedure eligible candidates get droop in allotment process. Paper include model of intelligent counselor works as an intelligent advisory which candidate can utilize to receive approbation of a certain choice of colleges and branches in which he/she would likely succeed by self-assessment. we are integrating expertise in decision with the inclusion of artificial intelligence techniques and methods for handing tough decision process which allow more transparent interaction between decision makers and systems, not only for improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the decisions, but also for collaborative support and virtual team working to improve the performance of DSS to meet the challenges. Different factors that influencing the selection of specific course or college were converted into computer coding by which system identify students interesting pattern of selection and apply expert system to choose appropriate branch and college with respect to given pattern of interest ,where students have large degree of chances of admission and success. Multilayer Neural Network techniques have been used with an aim to find the structures and relationships among the student interest and available choice of college or branch of engineering.

Other Details:

Manuscript Id :IJSTEV1I9003
Published in :Volume : 1, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 01/04/2015
Page(s): 1-6
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